dimanche 13 janvier 2019

AND, EVERYONE will have the chance to earn money even those who do not develop ...

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AND, EVERYONE will have the chance to earn money even those who do not develop ...

Technological innovation of cryptocurrency mining with the SMARTPHONE and with the PC.

GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY, Opportunity to be part of the digital world, participating in a change of technological mindset.

A blockchain in order to be able to create this new piece, by undermining it through US and it is a 100% ECOLO system that will not pollute and consume excess energy.

1 - INNOVATIVE CRYPTOMONNAIE BIDRACE has developed a new low-cost, non-polluting mining system. The mining will be done through in simple mobile phone. This mining created BDR cryptocurrency with a real counter-value.

2- AFFILIATION Distribution system with unique, simple and very profitable revenues. They have the credibility that this market needs. 

3- ACTIVE MEMBER WHO DOES NOT DEVELLOPE A TEAM Because there will be bonuses set up that will be accessible to everyone.

As of now know that this case starts Pre-Launch in the world, currently we have this chance to be notified in advance.
For the moment I propose to start to create your own account and if you have the ambition also to create list of names and contacts, as I did with you ..

INFO AUDIT: BIDRACE will be audited and regulated from the first day, thus proving the transparency of all proceedings, defending the company and its Associates by :.
- KPMG Leader in Audit and Consulting is a member of a network of independent firms operating in 152 countries.
- DELOITTE Audit reference actor which is one of the four largest auditing and consulting firms in the world.
- HSBC and LLOYDS BANK The reserves of the real value of the RDB will be deposited in recognized banks.

                                     - Further information on request:  " voir formulaire de contact "


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